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1.United States Jorbs22,057,660
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1.Korea, Republic of 중괄호2,014
2.Australia Rhapsody1,374
3.United States HappierUpHere1,102
4.United Kingdom Dak Dak985
5.India Anistuffs - The Indian Let's Player933
6.United States Jorbs910
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8.Canada Marukage Plays519
9. ZapperZen515
10.United Kingdom Smithy1294498

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1 day ago Goldcrown StudioLet's Play Slay the Spire Library of Ruina Eps.117 "Ring Risk"49:1725
4 days agoAustralia RhapsodyI Believe In Miracles | Ladder Streak Season 8, Watcher1:38:135,532
2021-07-22Germany HeMakesMePlayHeMakesMePlay - Slay the Spire Episode 8 - The Spire Reloaded1:14:2920
2021-07-20Australia KazzoiBlack Hole (Ascension 6) | Ep.58 | Slay the Spire Downfall52:3124
2021-07-20United States MabiVsGamesVODSlay The Spire Meets Casino Gambling? - Poker Quest45:0224
2021-07-09United States CherryPyeLet's Slay The Spire! Episode 2: Beating The Defect Part 230:089
2021-07-05Germany Suki169Let's Test - SlayTheSpire [LP]: Der Eiserne32:4522
2021-07-02United States Northern GamingSlay The Spire: Let's Play- Part 24 The Silent1:32:4565
2021-07-01Canada SmattymattySlay the Spire Modded Characters - The Marked2:26156
2021-06-29United Kingdom Artega OmegaSlay The Spire - Challenge - Starting Relic Only1:08:4459
2021-06-25Switzerland NorthgatePraktisch unbegrenzt Mana - Slay the Spire (Modded) #088 - Deutsch/German Let's Play26:328
2021-06-20United States LetsTryGGAscension 1 Ironclad EASY..ish. Slay the Spire Let's Play Ep 433:4210
2021-06-18Russian Federation Ray Play GamesRoguebook #2 НАХЛАБУЧИЛ МЕНЯ БОСС 😥1:39:33274
2021-06-13United Kingdom Let's STFU and LongplaySlay the Spire [#1] First Playthrough | The Ironclad (no commentary)2:16:08154
2021-06-04Germany 0Slashking0Miese Misplays! - Downfall Mod! - Slay the Spire Mod Showcase 002 HD 202153:169
2021-05-11Ireland CelthiccPirating slay the spire (Ep.2) - too many mods28:0872
2021-05-11United States MabiVsGamesXCOM MEETS SLAY THE SPIRE?! (The Hand of Merlin Gameplay)1:04:5497
2021-05-03Netherlands Forgotten GamesFringlish Plays: Slay The Spire...1:48:3268
2021-05-01 ZazappCollective Collector | Part 9 | Azzapp plays Slay The Spire46:4614
2021-04-27United States Ultra CSlay the Spire: Speedrunning The Victory Lap - #28 - Ultra Co-op50:281,377
2021-04-17United States FableheimBeta Bjorn No More -- The Werewolf Alpha Brings A Mega Update! | Knock on the Coffin Lid6:27:07597
2021-04-16United States Awesome Andy Gaming🔴WARZONE WITH THE BOYS NIGHT 123🔴2:47:0424
2021-04-15 YudaBestSword Art Online Alicization Lycoris East Extreme Solo 210 One Down Kill Dagger2:15211
2021-04-12United Kingdom EllietendoMario Kart "8" Challenge - Ellie-Chan Fan Club22:24495

Latest Reviews For Slay The Spire

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2021-02-11United States MabiVsGamesDoors of Insanity: Is It Worth Playing? - Review / Gameplay11:061,048
2021-01-23United States PurplatypusKINGDOM MEETS SLAY THE SPIRE | Ratropolis Check It Out1:04:39166
2020-11-27Canada Crit HitCrit Hit Reviews Neoverse! A Waifu riddled Deck Builder!7:16720
2020-11-24Spain LordGatoG¿Vale La Pena Jugar Slay The Spire ? | Analisis español | Review4:02803
2020-11-06United States Z1CKP GamingDungeon Tales: RPG Card Game Gameplay Android / iOS - Z1CKP Gaming12:07114
2020-10-27Taiwan, Republic of China 紙箱人阿愣《殺戮尖塔》Slay the Spire 寂靜獵手 枯樹枝+殘像棄牌流 進階難度1257:2625
2020-10-11 poqresluxIF I COULD RECOMMEND ONE HORROR MOVIE, IT WOULD BE BONE TOMAHAWK (2015) | Bone Tomahawk Review15:31592
2020-09-27United Kingdom Loot The TruthThe Truth - Slay the Spire4:4489
2020-09-22United States TimeToGrindAgainst The Moon Is An Interesting Roguelike | Against The Moon Review7:26985
2020-08-09 The Dice TowerSlay The Spire App Review - with Tom Vasel8:107,578
2020-07-30United States Pepp's indie reviewsNecronator: Dead Wrong Review | Deck building RTS9:501,010
2020-07-23South Africa MarzSlay the Spire | Marz Review5:5828
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2020-06-18 TauskenSlay The Spire Review5:5924
2020-06-17United Kingdom ConsolevaniaSlay The Spire (Switch) Review - consolevania 8.15:05236
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