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About whoisthisgit

I don't know him from Adam.

I make mostly video game related videos but occasionally try other things, such as creating (crap) cartoons. Don't worry about Lub Lub, he/she/it is just trying to get your attention.

Always remember the words of a wise doctor: "Don't try too hard."

Nintendo Network ID: whoisthisgit
3DS Friend Code: 3351-4549-5208
Xbox Live: Super Lub Lub

Credit to DragonFetus1 for my profile image and Ryusuta for my banner art.

Basic guidelines of my channel:

1. Always read the video description before posting.

2. Any "First!" type of posts or "early memes" will be deleted.

3. Should go without saying, but flaming or trolling will get you instantly blocked.

4. I typically don't take requests or suggestions, please don't use my newest video as a dumping ground for them.

5. Text is the standard form of commentary for my videos. Any comments suggesting voice commentary will be removed and ignored.

6. Try to stay on topic with the video.

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Creepy Bad Endings # 73
Bad endings. I don't know about anyone else, but they terrify me. Just when the hero(es) thought everything was finally right, just when it looked...
2018-09-17 6:10:11 AM ● 1,897 views ● 24:51 99.48% liked
I don't just say the things I do to go against the norm, and to prove this, I'm going to share a number of my most standard, typical and non-conversational...
2018-09-09 10:02:38 AM ● 10,534 views ● 3:20 97.09% liked
Sound Test Memories # 1
When I've spent time with a game and grown to love its sound track, there's nothing I value more than being about to go to the options menu and...
2018-09-03 11:29:11 AM ● 11,819 views ● 12:58 99.66% liked
The Most Powerful Characters In Gaming Ever # 25
This series is all about video game characters who have left me in awe at their power, whether it's the ability to survive a boulder falling...
2018-08-25 12:48:36 PM ● 63,082 views ● 24:19 94.56% liked
Unfortunately, although there are lots of fantastic levels and stages in video games, there are also a fair few awful ones. Even in your favourite...
2018-08-17 7:45:45 AM ● 6,608 views ● 10:13 98.29% liked
Alex Kidd Mortal Kombat Finishers
Introducing the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat cast, Sega's long-forgotten hero, Alex Kidd! This fragile little flower has never been known...
2018-08-09 5:29:13 PM ● 1,849 views ● 2:59 99.03% liked
We all make mistakes sometimes, but ever make such a colossal screw-up, you feel like literally beating yourself up over it? I certainly do,...
2018-08-05 4:58:28 PM ● 5,169 views ● 10:31 99.49% liked
Top 5 Dumbest Robotnik Moments
For over a quarter of a century now, Robotnik has repeatedly had all his attempts for world dominion thwarted by the bluest and coolest hedgehog...
2018-08-01 6:41:00 AM ● 7,043 views ● 12:43 97.06% liked
Miscellenous Mire Of Madness # 5
Welcome to the Miscellaneous Mire of Madness. These are all ideas that came into my head at some point, but I didn't think would substantial...
2018-07-22 4:59:07 PM ● 8,194 views ● 14:04 97.96% liked
Weirdest Levels Ever # 5
For the fifth episode of Weirdest Levels Ever, we return to the land of Elibe and the seventh Fire Emblem game for more fun. I take the opportunity...
2018-07-11 8:32:11 AM ● 20,436 views ● 21:10 98.59% liked