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About whoisthisgit

I don't know him from Adam.

I make mostly video game related videos but occasionally try other things, such as creating (crap) cartoons. Don't worry about Lub Lub, he/she/it is just trying to get your attention.

Always remember the words of a wise doctor: "Don't try too hard."

Nintendo Network ID: whoisthisgit
3DS Friend Code: 3351-4549-5208
Xbox Live: Super Lub Lub

Credit to DragonFetus1 for my profile image and Ryusuta for my banner art.

Basic guidelines of my channel:

1. Always read the video description before posting.

2. Any "First!" type of posts or "early memes" will be deleted.

3. Should go without saying, but flaming or trolling will get you instantly blocked.

4. I typically don't take requests or suggestions, please don't use my newest video as a dumping ground for them.

5. Text is the standard form of commentary for my videos. Any comments suggesting voice commentary will be removed and ignored.

6. Try to stay on topic with the video.

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The Twin-Tailed Turnabout (Tails Abuse in Court Remake) Part 2
Can you believe it's been ten years since I made Tails Abuse In Court? I sure can't. Well, to celebrate the occasion, Ultrawave Productions has...
2019-02-22 1:03:22 PM ● 1,400 views ● 48:43 98.58% liked
The Most Powerful Characters In Gaming Ever # 27
This series is all about video game characters who have left me in awe at their power, whether it's the ability to survive a boulder falling...
2019-02-16 7:51:22 AM ● 21,722 views ● 12:46 99.52% liked
Pokemon Crystal - How NOT To Get Game Over
How NOT to end your adventure in Johto. With the advent of the internet and patches to iron out a game's major hiccups, it's all too easy for...
2019-02-13 7:42:22 AM ● 15,523 views ● 4:38 96.84% liked
Boss Analysis # 32
The thirty-second episode of Boss Analysis. Back in the fifteenth, I talked about what I considered difficult first bosses, big early threats...
2019-02-09 7:39:04 AM ● 14,718 views ● 12:25 98.57% liked
Miscellenous Mire of Madness # 6
Welcome to the Miscellaneous Mire of Madness. These are all ideas that came into my head at some point, but I didn't think would substantial...
2019-02-05 7:27:47 AM ● 10,753 views ● 10:00 98.35% liked
Best Levels Ever 12
It's difficult to think of levels to cover in this series, not because I can't think of any candidates, but because I believe a game shouldn't...
2019-02-01 7:18:30 AM ● 15,735 views ● 13:51 98.51% liked
Super Smash Bros  Ultimate - What The Hell Is This Luck!?
The sequel to video no one remembers has arrived! I've had some crazy good luck before in games, but this... This has to be the peak. I just...
2019-01-22 3:50:15 PM ● 15,505 views ● 0:51 98.89% liked
Don't Leave My Ears Alone!
It's all too easy to present myself as a negative person, I find it much easier (and more fun) to talk about the things I dislike than the things...
2019-01-20 7:45:09 AM ● 26,287 views ● 18:47 99.22% liked
Boss Analysis # 31
The thirty-first episode of Boss Analysis. Being the good guy and saving the world is nice and all, but do you ever find yourself jealously-looking...
2019-01-12 8:26:53 AM ● 37,089 views ● 42:21 97.65% liked
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Impossible!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an instant classic, I've already put many hours into this game and I love it... until I nearly finished the World...
2019-01-03 7:52:33 AM ● 32,255 views ● 7:14 93.59% liked