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About whoisthisgit

I don't know him from Adam.

I make mostly video game related videos but occasionally try other things, such as creating (crap) cartoons. Don't worry about Lub Lub, he/she/it is just trying to get your attention.

Always remember the words of a wise doctor: "Don't try too hard."

Nintendo Network ID: whoisthisgit
3DS Friend Code: 3351-4549-5208
Xbox Live: Super Lub Lub

Credit to DragonFetus1 for my profile image and Ryusuta for my banner art.

Basic guidelines of my channel:

1. Always read the video description before posting.

2. Any "First!" type of posts or "early memes" will be deleted.

3. Should go without saying, but flaming or trolling will get you instantly blocked.

4. I typically don't take requests or suggestions, please don't use my newest video as a dumping ground for them.

5. Text is the standard form of commentary for my videos. Any comments suggesting voice commentary will be removed and ignored.

6. Try to stay on topic with the video.

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Boss Analysis # 30
The thirtieth episode of Boss Analysis. Yoshi's Story isn't the most beloved of Nintendo games or even among the Yoshi series, and I can't say...
2018-11-10 6:40:07 PM ● 5,908 views ● 13:34 98.10% liked
Party Like It's 1899 # 1
Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally arrived, and it is incredible. Never before has a video game world felt more alive and real than this. But...
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Worst Level Ever # 29
Unfortunately, although there are lots of fantastic levels and stages in video games, there are also a fair few awful ones. In episode 29, we...
2018-10-24 11:10:09 AM ● 5,026 views ● 16:56 98.34% liked
Top 10 Star Fox 64 Quotes
Star Fox 64 or Lylat Wars if you prefer (which you probably don't) is one of my favourite Nintendo 64 games and still in my opinion the best...
2018-10-16 5:26:46 PM ● 2,565 views ● 18:55 95.00% liked
Game Genie Fun # 11
The eleventh episode of Game Genie Fun, where I mess around with the destructive power of cheat devices for fun. Today, we find out a new type...
2018-10-08 5:29:11 PM ● 6,262 views ● 15:58 98.42% liked
Leave My Mind Alone! # 3
Video games are fun, and fun things are addictive, right? You can easily find yourself getting completely hooked on a game until you've finished...
2018-10-01 6:16:24 AM ● 5,622 views ● 11:11 98.39% liked
The Weakest Characters In Gaming Ever # 17
The seventeenth episode. Over the years, there have been some laughably weak main characters starring in video games, characters who you're almost...
2018-09-24 6:34:53 AM ● 6,374 views ● 10:05 99.39% liked
Creepy Bad Endings # 73
Bad endings. I don't know about anyone else, but they terrify me. Just when the hero(es) thought everything was finally right, just when it looked...
2018-09-17 6:10:11 AM ● 1,897 views ● 24:51 99.48% liked
My Popular Opinions
I don't just say the things I do to go against the norm, and to prove this, I'm going to share a number of my most standard, typical and non-conversational...
2018-09-09 10:02:38 AM ● 10,534 views ● 3:20 97.09% liked
Sound Test Memories # 1
When I've spent time with a game and grown to love its sound track, there's nothing I value more than being about to go to the options menu and...
2018-09-03 11:29:11 AM ● 11,819 views ● 12:58 99.66% liked