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Illustrated inspirational stories about the development of some of your favourite video games.

We're new to this YouTube thing, so please bear with us as we figure it out.

Narrated by Breton Stripes (@bretonstriped) with illustrations by Kotor (@kotorcomics).

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Super Smash Bros: The Story of Masahiro Sakurai
Masahiro Sakurai is an absolute darling. The effort and attention to detail he puts into everything he does is just lovely. Sometimes, too lovely....
2018-12-07 3:44:32 PM ● 5,047 views ● 13:52 99.13% liked
Pokémon: The Story of Junichi Masuda (Red & Green, Ruby & Sapphire, Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee)
It can be argued that no one person has had more of an influence over the Pokémon franchise than Junichi Masuda. Not even Satoshi Tajiri. Junichi...
2018-11-18 9:47:03 AM ● 2,808 views ● 20:23 97.84% liked
Spyro Reignited: The Story of Rockstar Composer Stewart Copeland
Stewart Copeland’s first big claim to fame was as the drummer in the Sting-fronted ‘80s rock band, The Police. But that’s not why you’re...
2018-11-09 6:18:31 PM ● 607 views ● 11:02 97.10% liked
DELTARUNE Chapter 1: The Story of Toby Fox and the Impossible Sequel
When Toby Fox releases a new game, the world stops and takes notice. We weren't planning on making this video until this afternoon. When Deltarune...
2018-11-02 4:25:30 PM ● 7,675 views ● 9:51 98.46% liked
Deltarune (2018)
Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar's Struggle To Create a Masterpiece
It's 1am and we got some really bad news today. We'll fill this in later. Apologies for any errors. Music by Kevin Macleod
2018-10-26 6:07:45 PM ● 1,352 views ● 15:43 96.67% liked
Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4: How Bendy Conquered The World
Next week Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5, as well as its finished, complete version on Switch, Xbox One and PS4, finally arrives. In honour...
2018-10-19 2:11:18 PM ● 4,107 views ● 13:25 98.98% liked
Shovel Knight: The Story of Yacht Club Games and a Kickstarter That Was Too Successful
Shovel Knight shouldn't be a success. By all rights, Yacht Club Games' first title should have been just another failed Kickstarter; a project...
2018-10-12 1:39:08 PM ● 2,232 views ● 11:46 97.30% liked
How It Feels To Play Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
What is this game called?! Is it Marvel's Spider-Man? Insomniac's Spider-Man? Spider-Man PS4? Or simply just Spider-Man? I suppose it's meant...
2018-10-10 4:19:13 PM ● 682 views ● 5:05 96.25% liked
Marvel's Spider-Man
The Time Shigeru Miyamoto "Flipped a Table" (The Golden Triangle Part 3/3)
Have you ever heard of the time that Shigeru Miyamoto opposed so strongly to a new Mario item that he flipped a table? Okay, maybe he didn't...
2018-10-05 3:52:01 PM ● 1,503 views ● 11:11 100.00% liked
Do Not Play The Nintendo Switch in VR! [KOTOR'S SOAPBOX]
The good news: the Nintendo Switch is getting a VR adapter! The bad news: the Nintendo Switch's VR adapter is terrible, and will make you puke!...
2018-10-03 4:01:20 PM ● 2,233 views ● 7:07 92.73% liked