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About Video Game Story Time

Illustrated inspirational stories about the development of some of your favourite video games.

We're new to this YouTube thing, so please bear with us as we figure it out.

Narrated by Breton Stripes (@bretonstriped) with illustrations by Kotor (@kotorcomics).

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Shovel Knight: The Story of Yacht Club Games and a Kickstarter That Was Too Successful
Shovel Knight shouldn't be a success. By all rights, Yacht Club Games' first title should have been just another failed Kickstarter; a project...
2018-10-12 1:39:08 PM ● 2,232 views ● 11:46 97.30% liked
How It Feels To Play Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
What is this game called?! Is it Marvel's Spider-Man? Insomniac's Spider-Man? Spider-Man PS4? Or simply just Spider-Man? I suppose it's meant...
2018-10-10 4:19:13 PM ● 682 views ● 5:05 96.25% liked
The Time Shigeru Miyamoto "Flipped a Table" (The Golden Triangle Part 3/3)
Have you ever heard of the time that Shigeru Miyamoto opposed so strongly to a new Mario item that he flipped a table? Okay, maybe he didn't...
2018-10-05 3:52:01 PM ● 1,503 views ● 11:11 100.00% liked
Do Not Play The Nintendo Switch in VR! [KOTOR'S SOAPBOX]
The good news: the Nintendo Switch is getting a VR adapter! The bad news: the Nintendo Switch's VR adapter is terrible, and will make you puke!...
2018-10-03 4:01:20 PM ● 2,233 views ● 7:07 92.73% liked
Why Meltan is the Best Pokémon Ever! [KOTOR'S SOAPBOX]
Meltan is the best thing to happen to Pokemon since the last good thing that happened to Pokemon. Hi all, Kotor here with another soapbox. I...
2018-10-01 4:16:59 PM ● 1,206 views ● 6:21 97.78% liked
The Story of The Mario Cram School (Nintendo's Golden Triangle Part 2/3)
Here's part two of our trilogy on Nintendo's Golden Triangle. This video is a look at the Mario Cram School, which paved the way for New Super...
2018-09-28 3:05:23 PM ● 333 views ● 11:33 97.30% liked
How Peachette (& Bowsette) Fixes New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe [KOTOR'S SOAPBOX]
Peachette is amazing. Her inclusion in the port of New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch might just make the game worth playing....
2018-09-26 3:34:47 PM ● 5,259 views ● 9:08 94.36% liked
The Rise and Fall of Telltale Games
Over the weekend, the unthinkable was announced. Telltale games, once a grand player in the exciting world of adventure game development, has...
2018-09-24 3:31:48 PM ● 3,938 views ● 17:00 97.79% liked
The Story of The Golden Triangle: Nintendo's Secret Weapon (Part 1/3)
We felt like doing a Nintendo video this week. They're always fun, even if BretonStripes struggles with Japanese name pronounciation sometimes....
2018-09-21 4:08:44 PM ● 2,355 views ● 10:47 99.53% liked
Why You Shouldn't Join Nintendo Switch Online [KOTOR'S SOAPBOX] (Clickbait Title is Clickbait)
Hello you! Kotor here, with another Soapbox video. You may well have already joined Nintendo Switch Online, but if you haven't, here's a rundown...
2018-09-19 4:57:47 PM ● 6,276 views ● 9:22 89.90% liked