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1.Russian Federation Jeens21,512,176
2.United States kootra17,179,316
3.United States xBeau Gaming10,096,464
4.United Kingdom ReformistTM9,589,210
5.United States Pixelated Apollo8,612,122
6. TavşaN Oynuyor6,520,095
7. Simo5,402,894
8.United Kingdom SovietWomble5,006,588
9.Turkey Oyun Günlüğü4,739,114
10.United Kingdom Malakith Skadi4,087,372

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1. Nofair Fight871
2.Russian Federation Jeens657
3.Korea, Republic of 개복어621
4.United States kootra596
5.Poland Wajserr486
6.United States The Templar Gamer463
7.France Kroog Gaming395
8.Thailand RSD Gaming353
9.Sweden Lord John344
10. VHFplay324

Latest Let's Plays For Mount & Blade

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-03-14 Nofair FightLet's Play Mount and Blade Prophesy of Pendor 3.393 # Part 4 talking jatu18:0852100.00%
2019-03-10United Kingdom NMGSGamingLet's Play Mount&Blade: L'aigle (Sharpe's Rifles) Episode 27: "Sharpe's Eye"1:13:20139100.00%
2019-03-10United States The Templar GamerLet's Play Mount And Blade Warband Perisno V0.8 Season 2 Episode 132 (Helping Our Marshal)39:4814
2019-03-09United Kingdom OfficiallyDevinRecs Romanum #21 | Verus and Vulcan | Mount and Blade Bellum Imperii Mod NLP24:061,972100.00%
2019-03-07Germany AldemarHDMount & Blade: Warband - #167: Die Schlacht um Narra ☢ [Lets Play-Deutsch]33:31544100.00%
2019-03-06United Kingdom ReformistTM"Stealing Siege Warfare" Mount and Blade Warband Native Gameplay Let's Play Part 527:115,38997.17%
2019-01-30Pakistan TJ GamesMount And Blade Warband Mod Sands Of Faith - Muslim Empire Vs The Knights Templars13:117100.00%
2019-01-04Germany JoeSilverLP🔴Mount & Blade Warband Warsword Conquest ★ Der Schmatzminister will Erobern 2 ★ Live Stream1:21:537192.86%
2018-11-28United States FentyrA Trip Gone Wrong! | Mount & Blade: Warband (Viking Conquest) - Episode 140:2425100.00%
2018-11-21United States HeavyMetalKodaI Have No Idea What I'm Doing║Mount & Blade: Warband║ Someone Please Help Me2:47:0489100.00%
2018-09-19United States Pixelated ApolloFORGING A GREAT ARMY - Mount & Blade: Warband Let's play Part 1430:2236,06598.70%
2018-09-17Sweden Fullbordad GamesMount and Blade(Modded): L'Aigle - neverlucky.jpg - Let's Play [E05 - Final]3:007766.67%
2018-09-14United States BlindRavenLet's Play Mount & Blade Warband | The Adventures of Norton | Episode 623:223100.00%
2018-09-14 PitchDarkGamingLETS PLAY MOUNT AND BLADE WAR BAND | SIEGE OF SHARIZ | S1EP5122:1237100.00%
2018-08-28Germany DrProof - Imperator der SpielkulturMount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Gamescom 2018 👑 [Deutsch/German][Gameplay][Let's Play]28:363,96491.96%
2018-08-26Germany Gaius Julius CaesarCommander Battle vs. GeneralPilophas in Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars21:11270100.00%
2018-08-24 TypicalFreemanTypicalFreeman plays Mount and Blade1:414
2018-08-09Canada MacGhriogairFiring The Cannons - Bot Survival - Let's Play Mount & Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars Gameplay Ep 236:3828992.31%
2018-08-04United States iwanPlaysFreeman: Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay Part 1 (Mount & Blade with Guns)41:061,05198.08%
2018-08-03Australia Dog's Shadow GamingMount & Blade Viking Conquest Reforged Ep4 - We sack Sven Bull Necks camp!55:116100.00%
2018-07-31Poland NeodyinamitePOSTWORLD Alpha Mount and blade meets Fallout? GRANADES! | Let's Play POSTWORLD Gameplay27:35140100.00%
2018-07-31 NoxiddarTHE WARRIOR PATH | Voice Acting Let's Play | Mount & Blade: Warband Viking Conquest | 00213:4228100.00%
2018-07-08 Diogo JorgeMount and Blade Warband Playthrough EP 5: Profitable bussiness52:350
2018-06-21Czech Republic RileyNátorMount and Blade: Viking Conquest | #35 | Valhalla / Konec | CZ / SK Let's Play / Gameplay 1080p / PC34:0389298.78%
2018-06-19United States Overlord MactireMount And Blade Warband PS4 Lets Play The Tale Of The High King Episode 100 We Are The Champions34:465

Latest Reviews For Mount & Blade

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-09-09 mrorange+ Tales of Glory + The Mount & Blade VR Game + Early Access REVIEW +10:3315871.43%
2018-08-20United States Officially LostMount and Blade Meets Arma 3 - Freeman: Guerrilla Warefare8:5591194.44%
2018-05-25Austria Zelpnir - Game KurzreviewsMach was du willst - Mount & Blade: Warband - INDIE FEEDBACK #0094:1082100.00%
2018-04-19Australia davo_DAVE'S FAVES - Mount and Blade: Warband (Review)9:0712,02997.35%
2018-02-21 Danel Lo GrisRemembering Mount & Blade: Warband9:0221100.00%
2017-12-21Denmark SsethTzeentachMOUNT AND BLADE BOYARLORD REVIEW | HD | Sodomize Swadia7:34458,27598.99%
2017-10-29 Andrew TLets Replay Vlog review of Mount and Blade, Shadow Warrior 2 and F.E.A.R.16:512
2017-08-29Spain Centurión-EspCrusade Against Jihad Mod|Review|El Mod mas Sangriento sobre las Cruzadas|Mount and Blade Warband30:2091692.31%
2017-02-01Australia HihuMount & Blade: Warband- How's It Hold Up 7 Years On Review7:422,13594.87%
2016-10-22Mexico EfrenDTFlourishing Empires | Review | El Mount & Blade Para Moviles11:283,09292.75%
2016-10-13United Kingdom MetalGearGlennDusty Consoles Podcast 10 - Mount And Blade Warband, Mafia 3, Game Dev Tycoon, Journey and more.1:12:524983.33%
2016-09-27United Kingdom CalbelFUNNY STEAM REVIEWS 10 - MOUNT & BLADE: WARBAND5:2487,99098.36%
2016-09-22United Kingdom Experience KillsMount & Blade Warband Review on Xbox One4:598,32985.07%
2016-07-29United States GeneralLotzGeneral Lotz Reviews Mount and Blade14:151,17698.11%
2016-07-24United States Schneids1001Mount Blade II: Bannerlord Reaction/ E3 Review Video8:086,99098.75%
2016-07-05 GameTrailersMount & Blade: With Fire and Sword - GameTrailers Review Pod2:51235100.00%
2016-06-18Germany Larwan EntertainmentMount and Blade A Clash of Kings [007] / [S6/F7] The Broken Man Review / Game of Talk [german]34:2925
2015-12-21Russian Federation Всадники КальрадииМысли о Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord #12 - Глобальная карта и другое10:158,10299.08%
2015-09-14Australia BeerForKidsMount & Blade Warband Viking Conquest Reforged Edition - First Impressions & Semi Review19:477,70480.60%
2015-09-03United States Casey McCullen The Templar Knight of JusticeMount and Blade Warband Mod Review: Crusader - Deus Vult.3:5916283.33%
2015-05-13 k0noaMount&Blade FI2 review: Cold Mountain - Saruman gives no f**k!8:16514100.00%
2015-03-22 Ravenzero2000One-Shot Review - Mount and Blade: Warband1:03:0313100.00%
2015-03-05 The_Gaming_ShowLets Review | Mount and Blade Prophesy of Pendor | Mod Review29:3777042.86%
2015-02-19 Eviscerator03Evis T Reviews Mount and Blade: Warband7:5865897.22%
2014-12-18United States TerrorTubsMount and Blade Warband: Viking Conquest Review9:354,01581.67%