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1.United States Let's Game It Out21,464,586
2.Thailand HEARTROCKER20,263,302
3.Thailand zbing z.9,327,474
4.Netherlands DeLadysigner6,532,491
5.United Kingdom BestInSlot6,226,017
6.Brazil LipaoGamer6,136,792
7.Canada Geekism5,103,976
8.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver5,035,242
9.United States TmarTn25,015,522
10.Germany Rudi Rennkamel4,222,460

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1.Germany Gorobai368
2.Germany Rudi Rennkamel361
3.Germany Knorkh280
4.United Kingdom PaulsLey255
5.Germany Matze macht Mucke200
6.United States Petunia Gal186
7.Netherlands DeLadysigner176
8.United States Sdanwolf166
9.United Kingdom BestInSlot155
10.Canada Geekism145

Latest Let's Plays For Planet Zoo

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoGermany GorobaiBei den Löwen #24 «» Kizigo Reservat 🦁 - PLANET ZOO Let's Play | Deutsch German10:53404
2020-08-06Germany MulenjaPlanet Zoo #044 - Mit Blick ins Gehege | Lets Play Planet Zoo27:4868
2020-08-01Germany Matze macht Mucke...und Büffel leben hier • PLANET ZOO • Afrikanischer Tropen-Zoo • 7729:3565
2020-08-01Germany MinenarbeitLamas im Steilhang ♦ Planet Zoo Deutsch ♦ 3826:2291
2020-07-29United States Petunia Gal"What's Your Favorite?" | Planet Zoo Franchise Lets Play (1080p) | Ep5723:367
2020-07-27Norway AddexioNYE SKILPADDER | Planet Zoo #434:1913,915
2020-07-23Mexico YEGOLONGO🦁 PLANET ZOO #1 | "La Herencia del Zoo" (PC) | Gameplay en Español (Modo Carrera)1:14:011,803
2020-07-19United Kingdom JennyverseMONKEY-TASTROPHE - Let's Play Planet Zoo (Badly) #2 (Tutorial)57:05116
2020-07-18Switzerland Timo-GPLANET ZOO #27 - Der Wolf ist da | Schweizerdeutsch | Lets Play23:1325
2020-07-15United Kingdom BestInSlotCAMPAIGN FINISHED!! Asian Habitat Build | Planet Zoo (Campaign Playthrough Ending)55:529,611
2020-07-13Canada GeekismUngulate Stables | Planet Zoo LIVE1:03:333,387
2020-07-10Germany Rudi RennkamelElephant Baby & Friday Fixes - Lets play Planet Zoo Franchise35:423,381
2020-07-03Austria Fussballwelt.atZockabend | Let's Play Planet Zoo | #5 - Nachwuchs bei den Wölfen!29:18270
2020-06-30United States RaelunilLet's Play Planet Zoo: Franchise (Part 35) - Camel Carousel50:0432
2020-06-29United States SimplayingDadPlanet Zoo Let's Play "Black Beasts"29:225
2020-06-23United States ƒelinoelƒel Plays Planet Zoo 9, ƒeLand freeplay zoo54:494
2020-06-21United States TheWaffleGalaxy🐼 PECULIAR GIANT PANDA, ZOO UPGRADES, GOING ON HOLD!!! - Planet Zoo Ep.43 (Gameplay / Let’s Play)40:222,447
2020-05-29Germany StillerLets Play Planet Zoo | Der Inka-Tempel Ep.: 004 | Im Sandkasten4:30:141
2020-05-28 AndrewmanGamingPlanet Zoo Let's Play Ep 7 - Reconstruction (And Wolves!!!)15:18562
2020-05-28Denmark Kcaam KarmaPlanet Zoo - Siberian tiger Anlæg - Ep 15 - Dansk Lets play - Kcaam Karma37:3749
2020-05-19United Kingdom PaulsLeyProp Building for ZooABLE live :) Animal Transport & Trailers! - Let's play Planet Zoo!2:11:462,550
2020-05-12Germany DaddelZeitPlanet Zoo Deutsch 🙊 #009 – Bildungsauftrag 🙈 WQHD Let's Play24:32119
2020-05-01Germany LetsPlayMatze#038 EINE PAUSE FÜR IDEEN! 🐯 Let's Play Planet Zoo [GERMAN/DEUTSCH]9:3227
2020-04-24Germany Chrizz PlayDschungel Pfad | Jungle Path | Planet Zoo | #006 | Lets Play Deutsch33:23326
2020-04-21Germany Writing BullLive Let's Play - Planet Zoo: South America Pack (08) [Deutsch]49:11192

Latest Reviews For Planet Zoo

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-11Finland BelannaerTVPlanet Zoo - Review19:35300
2020-04-11Germany Zap zocktPlanet Zoo Südamerika DLC Review - Das South America Pack im Test (Deutsch-German, many subtitles)8:10424
2020-04-08New Zealand Joe's VenturesPlanet Zoo South American Pack: Animal Review29:51369
2020-04-07United States RaelunilPlanet Zoo - South America Pack - Overview And Review30:42146
2020-04-07Germany Rudi RennkamelDLC Review & short Overview - Planet Zoo South America DLC23:415,919
2020-04-07United Kingdom PaulsLeyPlanet Zoo South America Pack COMPLETE GUIDE AND REVIEW - ALL ANIMALS44:2412,535
2020-01-15United Kingdom Games FreezerPlanet Zoo | Arctic DLC | Review / Overview3:4013
2020-01-13Germany AvatarXGamesPlanet Zoo deutsch ? Aufbau eines Zoo - Unsere Map Review ? [Zoo Tycoon]12:5232
2020-01-09United States Spencer TurleyPlanet Zoo = Zoo Tycoon 3 - Review35:59235
2019-12-24Indonesia The Lazy MondayReview Planet Zoo | Simulator Kebun Binatang Terbaik 2019 | Lazy Review10:5741,017
2019-12-21Mexico FritosaurioPLANET ZOO Arctic Pack - Review y Creamos el Polo Norte | CAP 131:06:015,181
2019-12-17United States SdanwolfArctic Pack Scenery Review! | Planet Zoo14:40984
2019-12-14Canada Inside The GamePlanet Zoo Final Review8:19278
2019-11-25Australia Good Game: Spawn PointPlanet Zoo | Review5:11842
2019-11-21Netherlands GamekingsPlanet Zoo Review - Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?22:594,141
2019-11-17 AngryJoeShowPlanet Zoo Rapid Fire Review13:24109,804
2019-11-14United States Noisy PixelPlanet Zoo Review - Noisy Pixel4:17215
2019-11-13United States IGNPlanet Zoo Review5:41199,297
2019-11-12United States GamingBoltPlanet Zoo Review - The Final Verdict6:2112,113
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2019-11-08United Kingdom Sim UKPlanet Zoo REVIEW Is it ANY GOOD? | Planet Zoo Is it ANY GOOD? Sim UK21:405,238
2019-11-07Germany GametesterGametester Lets Play Planet Zoo [GER|Review]34:1815
2019-11-07Australia Gamer EmpirePlanet Zoo: Release Animals Review27:5711,987