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3.Russian Federation Happy Wolf1,387,282
4.Korea, Republic of 대도서관TV (buzzbean11)970,820
5.Spain TheWillyrex882,463
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10.Brazil Capuccino Mafioso720,746

Latest Let's Plays For Reigns

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-04-09France Maestro_2099Let's play: Reigns #22:17:025
2022-11-22United States Echo GameingFur, feather's And Blood - Reigns - Part 131:3016
2022-08-03 Yorkshire RavenRaven Plays: Reigns13:161
2021-10-18France AnsyrReigns let's play : Ep 7 la malédiction est brisé !!!28:189
2021-08-29United States Generasian XReins (Apple Arcade Playthrough) Devolver9:1246
2020-12-11United Kingdom Foreman Plays StuffEn Garde! | Reigns - Foreman Plays Stuff22:4610
2020-05-11Italy GoEaSyTwitchLet's play: Reigns [Gameplay ITA]35:24422
2020-03-23United States Apoch WeissAN ECONOMIC BOOM! - Apoch Plays: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM SIMULATOR #2 [lp 419]15:12134
2019-10-04United States KhiarcherWE'RE TOO POOR FOR THIS!!! - Reigns Let's Play33:5296
2019-04-13Germany FlartoxICH werde von HUNDEN gefressen! | Reigns9:3357
2018-10-15United States FritzCouch PlaysLet's Play Reigns (First Impressions)55:5832
2018-07-26Canada ZerfallMSBike Stream 2018 6/9 - Chat Plays Reigns1:12:1342
2018-07-08Netherlands Voltorn EldaREIGNS Let's Play Part 1 || WHAT WENT WRONG?! || REIGNS Gameplay20:20562
2018-02-22Italy Ace The Brave[Let's Play ITA] - Reigns: Her Majesty #09 - [Attentato!]14:04473
2018-02-22Germany Pixel DörteBlondie, die ungeeignete Monarchin & Kartenspielerin – Let´s Test: REIGNS37:0825
2017-12-22Germany StefanICH GEB HIER DIE BEFEHLE! | Reigns: Her Majesty #3 (Gameplay Let's Play German Deutsch)19:501,116
2017-12-21United States Ana MardollLet's Play Reigns 2 | Her Majesty!1:42:27898
2017-12-16 AdigekoAdigeko Plays Reigns Part 2- Live Long and Get Murdered by Heretics31:241
2017-12-14Belgium Koinsky[FR] AVANCEES ROYALES - Reigns: HER MAJESTY (et FAQ à la fin) Gameplay ép 4 (let's play rediff live)1:40:322,593
2017-12-12 jitterKISSED TO DEATH || Reigns: Her Majesty Playthrough #210:3920
2017-11-02United States The Bullet TrainLet's Play Reigns - Episode 1315:587
2017-11-01Germany Krumpas BambusoLet's Play Reigns #024 Letzter Versuch [HD/Deutsch]16:1537
2017-08-11Germany Baum mit BartDER VERZWEIFELTE ÜBERLEBENSKAMPF #04 - Let's Play Reigns Live | Deutsch26:5354
2017-07-12Germany CoinBlockKönig der MÜNZEN! - Reigns | Random Games4:4020
2017-06-29France Only 4 Gamiz[FR] Let's Play Android - Reigns9:1830

Latest Reviews For Reigns

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-05-15New Zealand Totally Not MIKUA Reigns Review3:303
2019-06-18 SomeRaidersReigns - Review in 5 Minutes or Less5:0114
2018-10-23Germany GamingClerksReigns (Switch) | Review // Test3:0513,784
2018-07-18 Master RBGReigns Review13:5823
2017-01-03United Kingdom A Gamedev Plays...Reigns - Let's Play Review12:45248
2016-10-03 DWTerminator(Not Quite A) Review - Reigns10:17904
2016-08-13United States RetromationQuickPlay: Reigns | First Impressions / Review / Gameplay | Retromation28:55623
2016-08-11United Kingdom Pocket GamerREIGNS | AppSpy Review2:3221,103