Fire Emblem: Warriors - Hero-King of the Desert | Chapter 4

Fire Emblem: Warriors - Hero-King of the Desert | Chapter 4

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For this stage, we have a sort of fog of war effect where there's a sandstorm going on that blocks out view of the center area of the map. You can still traverse it no problem and just fight enemies you see along the way so it's not really too detrimental.

I played as Owain and Tharja here, two DLC characters. Owain as I said before shares moveset with Ryoma, meaning he uses Ryoma-specific attacks he by rights shouldn't be able to. His moveset is pretty effective, but nothing spectacular in my opinion.

Tharja is an almost exact copy of Robin's moveset, who we'll be seeing shortly. She attacks with magic which sort of removes itself from the weapon triangle. She can charge up an attack with X and then release to perform a strong magical attack that makes enemies weak to her until they recover from it. Which is pretty good if used effectively. She's pretty fragile though, as you'd expect. Tharja doesn't appear in the story whatsoever, unlike Owain who honestly should have been playable from the start, especially if they were just going to clone his moveset.

Actually, yeah, let's rant about the DLC. They actually fucking charged me to play as a bunch of cloned characters. I could have just played the ones already in the game if I wanted that. Granted, there are a few that are unique that I'll get to, but the majority are just clones. And some, like Owain, are ALREADY IN THE GAME! It's disgusting how obviously they made a fan favorite like him DLC only when he was definitely playable in the base game.

Ugh... Anyways, I at least played all the DLC characters at least once just to show them off. If you get this game, I sincerely recommend not buying the DLC as it's not worth it at all.