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About Game Design by Gigity McD

I teach game design theory and talk about the ins and outs of game design so that you are equipped to analyse, discuss and create great games.

This channel will help you get better at game design and appreciate the design of wonderful games out in the world today.

I started the channel because I found it difficult to find a good single source for game design concepts. I am also a hobbyist game developer and as a means to get better at making games, creating theory videos for the channel will help us learn how to make better games.

Each week there will be either a game design theory video or a design run. Game design theory is where we introduce one concept or technique and discuss how you can apply it to your games. We also give examples of it’s use in video games out today.

Design run is where we focus on a design aspect of one game in particular and break down whether that game does that aspect well and why, or poorly and what can be done to improve it.

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Being the best local - SOTTR - with game design comments - Part 8
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Worlds best math "homework" - SOTTR - with game design comments - Part 6
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Lara takes it in the back - SOTTR - with game design comments - Part 5
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