Animal Crossing: City Folk

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1.Japan こんけあ15,012,141
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4.United States jvgsjeff7,073,770
5.Australia Rabbit OST5,692,739
6.Japan コアラ's GAME SHOW4,810,912
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10.Canada barolb1,921,619

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1. RedPandaGamer364
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3.Belgium Vivi's Radio Backup Channel ~ Rare VGM314
4. Stephen White293
5.United States Jason Fisher276
6.United States BrodyMK64254
7.United Kingdom The Mori Plays249
8.Germany TwilightShiek243
9. GamerRoy20218
10.United States jvgsjeff203

Latest Let's Plays For Animal Crossing: City Folk

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-29United Kingdom The Mori PlaysToo Much Mushrooms Room - Animal Crossing City Folk (Let's Play Ep 251)35:29116
2023-11-02United States It's me, CarraleighHunting Mushrooms & Helping Neighbors! #animalcrossingcityfolk #letsplay #nostalgia50:22168
2023-10-31Canada SimplyPressStartHappy Halloween! - Animal Crossing City Folk Let's Play - Ep. 6129:25581
2023-10-01United States SlimKirbySlim Plays Animal Crossing - #3. To The Victor, Go The Spoils27:19316
2023-08-05 Japancommercials4U2Animal Crossing: City Folk Playthrough Part 130 (FINALE - Farewell to City Folk!)39:43688
2023-08-03United States Lexilynstar🔴LIVE: Let's Play Animal Crossing City Folk! | Animal Crossing Livestream3:06:37253
2023-07-07France PommeVanilleAlphonse le nouveau Tom Nook et sauvetage d'un saumon en détresse 🐟 Animal Crossing Wii #717:061,462
2023-07-02 NookinItUpAnimal crossing: city folk - ep 1 (first playthrough)20:116
2023-06-18United States Spazzy HippieSpazzy Plays: Animal Crossing City Folk! [🐾S2 Part 4 - No Wallpaper, No Carpet.🐾]8:563
2023-06-14United Kingdom Is It Playable?Is Animal Crossing: City Folk Playable? Dolphin Performance [Series X]10:1686
2023-06-13 GamerRoy20Animal crossing city folk with viewers #19 🌏 and Plants vs Zombies 2 Pak lets play episode 7 ✨8:21:16233
2023-05-22United States NorthernFusionGamesLet's Play Animal Crossing City Folk Day 31 Golden Axe20:065
2023-02-28United States jvgsjeffMario Plays Animal Crossing: City Folk #3610:143,116
2023-02-14 Free EmulatorAnimal Crossing: City Folk on Google Pixel 7 | Dolphin Emulator (Android) Nintendo Wii14:55311
2023-01-19United States Shmoopy TVAnimal Crossing City Folk, Episode 25. Let's Play!23:1224
2023-01-02United States MarcdasPlaysAnimal Crossing: City Folk Steam Deck Gameplay Dolphin36:26712
2022-12-17Norway TritonexAnimal Crossing: City Folk Wii HD Gameplay (Dolphin)20:50101
2022-10-19United States AlexTheLevGamingLet's Play Animal Crossing City Folk Part 4 (Fishing Tourney)24:2516
2022-10-02United States TipyAnimal Crossing: City Folk Let's Play Episode #15 (We break the space-time continuum)35:14303
2022-08-28 DoobieholdinAnimal Crossing: City Folk | 1440p |Dolphin Emulator| Iris Xe Integrated Graphics | No Vsync Test4:02120
2022-07-29 Lil Dino NuggetI Got Carried Away....// Animal Crossing City Folk LP // Ep: 829:3136
2022-07-07United Kingdom NeremikDouble Edged! | Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let's Go To The City (#131)23:2030
2022-07-01United States Nate MastersonAnimal Crossing: City Folk VR - Wii - Dolphin VR - Rift CV1 - Core i7 2600 - GTX 97013:1976
2022-06-16United States JJTheVideoGamerMan2K1Microsoft Sam Plays Animal Crossing - City Folk22:08291
2022-05-28 extreme fuccboiACCF/LGttC - wtf my town is red pls help58:3920

Latest Reviews For Animal Crossing: City Folk

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-12-21Australia HJ ReviewsAnimal Crossing: City Folk (Gametrailers Review) (Wii)6:1623
2022-03-28France GameEi8ht StudioGameEi8ht Review 107 - Animal Crossing Let's Go To The City11:2233
2021-05-04United States Jeremy KlingerIs City Folk the Worst Animal Crossing? #shorts0:56392,767
2020-09-29 Wade CuevasAnimal Crossing: City Folk (Nintendo Selects) review1:5411
2020-02-02 Nicholas BersitoAnimal crossing city folk Nintendo Wii review classic game6:1916
2019-01-26 Jlink Master ArchiveANIMAL CROSSING CITY FOLK WII REVIEW0:3729
2018-10-11United Kingdom NeremikAwfully Underrated | Animal Crossing: City Folk - Review16:53846
2018-06-04United States EnigmaNintendo E3 2008 Review! (COUNTDOWN TO E3! DAY 4)16:1121
2015-09-07United States SlantedGamingAnimal Crossing: City Folk Review13:195,354
2012-12-04United States One Controller PortAnemal Crosing Citty Folc Profesional Review45:37317
2012-07-26 CGRundertowCGRundertow ANIMAL CROSSING: CITY FOLK for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review3:5146,724
2011-12-10 GameTalkzAnimal Crosing City Folk Wii HD Review2:1943
2011-10-23Finland villevnAnimal Crossing - Let's Go to the City / City Folk Review (Wii)9:16741
2011-07-20United States The EscapistAnimal Crossing: City Folk Review2:121,756
2011-06-09 CrapgamerReviewsAnimal Crossing: City Folk Review (Wii)7:0813,811
2010-08-03 FinalninjadogACCF Review10:00210
2009-09-18 djlamar2Animal Crossing: City Folk review and FC.7:1389
2009-06-13United States vanburen20Animal Crossing city folk wii review5:48782
2009-02-23United States SamueltehG33kAnimal Crossing City Folk Review2:131,430
2009-01-25 kNIGHTWING01Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) Game Review Part 28:3847,746
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2008-11-17 Bell Tree ChannelAnimal Crossing: City Folk Review by IGN4:3478,380