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1.Japan 兄者弟者22,162,746
2.United States Arumba19,920,210
3.United States Markiplier10,312,557
4.United States Xterminator10,052,533
5.United States KatherineOfSky9,259,030
6. Zisteau9,115,714
7.United Kingdom MangledPork Gaming6,588,348
8.United Kingdom Steejo5,208,869
9.Denmark Nilaus5,155,622
10. Team Double Dragon4,344,440

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1.United States Xterminator1,690
2.United Kingdom Steejo1,563
3.Germany Gerugon1,492
4.Denmark Nilaus1,266
5.United States KatherineOfSky1,089
6.United States Arumba1,069
7.Germany Commandelicious971
8. JGGames824
9. TheNoobsKanal817
10. audriusjv695

Latest Let's Plays For Factorio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
3 days agoAustralia JD-PlaysEP9 0.17 Production Science | Factorio - February Forest | Open Community Map27:2862100.00%
4 days agoNorway Aven1017Factorio Landfill Avalanche! Ep 09: Refinery scrap - MP Coop Gameplay with KatherineOfSky36:4376100.00%
4 days ago SeintologenLet's SEIN - Factorio, Viel Eisen, aber wie lange noch?😲, Episode #0601:15:520
4 days agoUnited States TymeroverLet's Play Factorio Vanilla Lazy Bastard - Ep. 2 - Iron Plate Production!38:3633100.00%
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Dak DakFactorio - Not quite vanilla - Let's Play! - Setting up smelting - Ep 236:026100.00%
5 days agoUnited States UtoxinFactorio 0.16 Insanity - Episode 8833:400
5 days agoUnited Kingdom MiNameIsJakeLets Play Factorio!: S2EP152 - Even More Oils25:060
6 days ago EddieManPlaysFactorio Brave New World Ep. 11 | +30 More Science Packs | Modded Factorio Gameplay25:592100.00%
6 days agoGermany RGB PixlWir brauchen mehr Eisen ⚙️ Factorio S2 #00925:33250100.00%
2019-02-10United Kingdom xisumavoidLet's Play Factorio 04 Our First Train! (Factorio 0.16)21:3212,21398.85%
2019-02-09Canada Clan HawkinsFactorio - Black Market Mod - Death World Challenge - Episode 14 - (Overpriced Petroleum)27:2051100.00%
2019-02-09Germany happy gamerLets Play Together Factorio #106 - WTF10:120
2019-02-09Germany TxT GamingLet's Play Factorio [S04:E066] - Going mega28:210
2019-02-09Germany Lumatan⚙️ Mit großen Schritten ⚙️ Factorio Multiplayer 014 | Let`s Play Deutsch28:01379100.00%
2019-02-08United States Uncle In The AtticLet's Play: Factorio4:26:023
2019-02-08Germany JoeSilverLPFACTORIO S4 #64 - Kupferfeld geclaimed | Deutsch | Let's Play Factorio 0.16.xx20:14136100.00%
2019-02-08 GregOil train - Let's play Factorio - Episode 1029:379100.00%
2019-02-07Canada Dominodude55Keywii Plays Factorio (244) Raising the BAR23:040
2019-02-06United States KitchsVideosFactorio Simple Circuits | Factorio Creative Ep 532:301,22197.92%
2019-02-06Germany DosskiasFactorio [Version 0.16.51/Deutsch/Coop/AngelMod] Ende gut alles gut S7#200 [ENDE]41:1869795.45%
2019-02-05Germany Jummel Zockt!ENDE - #193 FACTORIO Staffel 2 [Deutsch/German][Live-LP]32:44171100.00%
2019-02-04United States KatherineOfSkyFactorio Ep 63: SCIENCE SHUFFLE - Make Biters GREAT Again! - Mod, Let's Play, Gameplay21:102,98896.17%
2019-02-03 nether vvoidFactorio Modded 0.14 - Lets Play - S2 E20834:1636
2019-02-01Germany Gadarol DeluxeFactory Town 🏭 Neues LEVEL und LECKER Essen! S2E16 Factorio in 3D15:321,004100.00%
2019-01-31Germany Dracul1981Factorio S5E48 ( Bob/Angel ) Stahlprodukte und Hangare23:383

Latest Reviews For Factorio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-01-29Spain Raeven - CCA Entertainment¡Estoy demasiado viciado a esto! - Factorio - ¿Qué Demonios Es?11:344,08283.74%
2018-12-31United States Soelless GamingFACTORIO | Beautiful Rail-World Review12:342,006100.00%
2018-12-17Germany LumatanNEGATIVE Factorio Reviews lesen #noHATE6:461,12498.45%
2018-08-28United States KitchsVideosFactorio Mod Menagerie Ep 37 | Best Mods in the Series and Rocket Launch48:5794795.24%
2018-07-08France VociNurReconstruction des panneaux solaire ! -Factorio #2155:451100.00%
2018-07-08Denmark NilausFactorio Engineering - TRAIN AND CITY BLOCK BASED SEA BLOCK - Base Map Review30:413,99999.03%
2018-06-30 audriusjvFactorio3:24:193250.00%
2018-04-21United States Michael StanichFactorio - Checkin' Out (Steam PC Pre-Review)22:35453100.00%
2018-02-09 michaelalfoxFoxman and Boys Play: Factorio - Ep. 7 - Peer Review32:031,872100.00%
2017-12-19 ZepalkiaCalendrier Review 2017: #19, Factorio22:19119100.00%
2017-12-13Spain OdinspainFactorio 0.16 Review9:5796090.48%
2017-09-11 Dad's Gaming AddictionDGA's Ultimate Factorio Review - Is It Any Good???2:13523
2017-08-27Denmark SsethTzeentachFACTORIO REVIEW | ℞ Ritalin Really Helps4:58384,39396.55%
2017-05-03United States jackarsnelJack Reviews: Factorio5:042,87341.67%
2017-04-10United States Maj0r LeeFactorio - Underrated Game Review9:51108,53697.09%
2016-07-29Germany MartcraftFactorio Review [German]2:4361188.46%
2016-03-21United States Dan GheeslingFirst Look At: Factorio (PC Gameplay Review)43:341,566100.00%
2016-03-11United States SCMownsWhat Is Factorio? Factorio Review & Gameplay (Preview)8:5212,91997.84%
2016-03-04Australia IdiotechFactorio - First Impressions15:5314,56599.18%
2016-03-03Australia Sugi StrategyFactorio Review6:472,09987.50%
2016-02-29United States Commissar BROFactorio Gameplay and Review5:181,66287.88%
2016-02-26Finland BelannaerTVFactorio - Early Access - Review39:301,36190.00%
2016-02-25United States Anton PetrovFactorio REVIEW - 2016 Release - (Science/Engineering)17:077,41797.92%
2016-02-25United States Mooseman VideosPlay Wait or Avoid? Early Access Review of Factorio11:4626,25199.15%
2015-02-04United Kingdom Worth A BuyFactorio Review (Alpha) - Worth a Buy?10:0966,95297.13%