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1.United States Relyea28,310,283
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5.Canada fireb0rn10,085,793
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1.United Kingdom The Embraced One272
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7.Bulgaria Gordoth Enodious182
8. chrome 55170
9.United States TenMoreMinutes168
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Latest Let's Plays For Hollow Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoCanada XEI GamingLet's Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #827:3232
2 days agoUnited Kingdom TheRhysWyrillHollow Knight Playthrough | Part 2437:204
2 days agoUnited States GremdavelHollow Knight -- Episode 27: Kingdom's Edge -- Let's Play36:0126
3 days agoUnited States ETA MediaGroupHollow Knight [044 - Bug-Waifu's Favorite Film] ETA Plays!15:423
3 days agoUnited States Newbornkilik Plays!Hornet got some UPGRADES! - Hollow Knight Part 6 (Blind Playthrough)2:00:358
5 days agoGermany SlyfoXliveLet's Play Hollow Knight #190 | Deutsch / German | Streamstag 27.10.202015:4410
6 days agoUnited States Brian Eck GamesLet's Play Hollow Knight - Part 11 - City of Tears!1:08:048
2021-01-12 Shilag[VOD] Hollow Knight - Part 50 "Swiftly Onward to 100%"1:45:506
2021-01-07United States BornLosersGamingLets Play Hollow Knight (BLIND) - Part 1 - Welcome To...20:54824
2021-01-06United States DevinCrystieLet There Be Light | Let's Play Hollow Knight #2239:5839
2020-12-31 DrechenauxHollow Knight Let's Play Part Three- The Mantis Lords1:12:56189
2020-12-29United States The GV Stream ArchiveDemon's Souls / Hollow Knight / Miles Morales!6:33:18104
2020-12-27United States Jacob ForsterTHE FINAL RUN TO 112% | Hollow Knight - Part 342:29:28681
2020-12-24 GamesGridNetworkThe pantheon of absolute hellnest | Hollow Knight Let's Play - EP153:13:15128
2020-12-24 gamecattNOSK SLAIN Hollow Knight Full Blind Playthrough: Twitch VOD pt 4459:54163
2020-12-19United States GrizzlyHollow Knight, but my stream controls the game...25:2881,088
2020-12-14Russian Federation lex_BERRYполая ягода #1 [hollow knight]20:59632
2020-12-09United States CapitalistLet's Play Hollow Knight (29 - Final) - Hornet & Hollow29:5310
2020-12-08Canada Game BoomersHollow Knight: Steel Soul EPILOGUE-21:05:3447
2020-12-07 ExaggeratedElegyLet's Play Hollow Knight, Part 14: Will She Ever Sing Again?45:2941
2020-12-06United Kingdom Mr Dark FoxFoxxy plays Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition pt92:20:1713
2020-12-05Spain TeknosisLets play Hollow Knight en español: EP 1 Bocasucia,cruces olvidados y el Caballero falso.16:46248
2020-12-04United States CrankyTemplarBlue Fire Demo Playthrough (3D Platformer with Zelda/Hollow Knight Vibes)42:03765
2020-12-03Germany project-shasta🐞 Let's Play Hollow Knight #5022:516

Latest Reviews For Hollow Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-19 DeepDockProletarianChristmas - DeepDockReviews8:11294
2020-11-26 Platinum ChasersHollow Knight (Part 3) LIVESTREAM3:04:161,251
2020-11-26Brazil Play The GameHollow Knight: Voidheart Edition [PT-BR] [Reviews Ocultos]7:0822
2020-11-26United States VaughnJogVlogPROBLEMATIC? My Best Friend's Wedding Movie Review / Rant3:27128
2020-11-16United States The Balding PlebsToo Much?! Hollow Knight Collector's Edition Breakdown and Review! The Fangamer Edition!6:54342
2020-11-14United States CinnacalWhy You Should Play Hollow Knight - Hollow Knight Review15:04556
2020-11-09Belgium BawsarnoldHollow Knight PS Plus Worth It 2020 - Hollow Knight Gameplay & Review 20206:29236
2020-11-09United States ThejeHollow Knight Review | The Game Train4:4069
2020-10-21Sweden Game Designer PlaysGreenpath Analysis | The World Design of Hollow Knight6:44231
2020-10-11Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty HOLLOW KNIGHT Review10:26231
2020-10-09United States ExistoreExistore Reviews: Hollow Knight7:0144
2020-09-21United States Pepp's indie reviewsSheepo Review | Charming & casual Metroidvania5:32423
2020-09-17 Whidder StoneNintendo partner showcase reaction + INK SANS + Ori WOTW + Hollow Knight1:37:2538
2020-09-04 Boulder PunchIs Hollow Knight The G.O.A.T Metroidvania?17:241,683
2020-08-28United States Used Car SalesmanHollow Knight: I Hate Love This Game - The Used Car Salesman Review6:44996
2020-08-27France PADAWAMHDHOLLOW KNIGHT EST UNE DAUBE : Review Objective23:577,619
2020-08-26Ireland Adzi GamingSheepo Review in 500 Words3:17438
2020-08-26 Pharloom's Musician - GauthierTenet Review (no spoilers)5:47464
2020-08-26United States TimeToGrindSHEEPO Is A Short But Great Metroidvania | SHEEPO Review6:53282
2020-08-22Germany T4coTVGleamlight Review10:4360,580
2020-07-17United Kingdom OddiemefavWhat The Hollow Knight Fandom is ACTUALLY Like10:07239,398
2020-07-12United States Phantom AsrielLet's Play Hollow Knight Part 5715:360
2020-07-11United States Pow3rh0useHollow Knight - Pow3rh0use Review10:2075
2020-06-18Canada Two Left ThumbsPlease, Go Play Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus || Two Left Thumbs Review13:26705
2020-06-04United Kingdom Roy McCoySkelattack - PS4 Review - [Stunning Art Work!]4:361,147