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Latest Let's Plays For Hollow Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
8 hours agoUnited Kingdom MaelstromALPHA«MaelstromALPHA» Hollow Knight (Part 8)3:53:071
1 day agoUnited States BornLosersGamingLets Play Hollow Knight: Steel Soul Mode - Part 16:37:472,130
2 days agoUnited States Gaming UniversityGaming University Plays Hollow Knight (Blind) - Part 43:16:56214
3 days agoUnited States TeeloreHollow Knight Blind Playthrough Episode 4 | Stumbling Through Greenpath40:224
3 days agoGermany Rayk's Indie AdventuresHollow Knight - Path of Pain! 💀 Now 4 Times As Painful! [Stream Recording] (Let's Play Part 17)3:51:4510
4 days agoUnited States TenMoreMinutesThis Ends Today - Hollow Knight Steel Soul Let's Play - PART 4 - TenMoreMinutes Twitch VOD1:31:36168
6 days ago Bog OtterLet's Play Death's Door w/ Bog Otter ► Episode 12:39:5436
2021-07-20United States ETA MediaGroupHollow Knight [066 - Soul Good, Down Bad] ETA Plays!14:543
2021-07-19United States DevinCrystieINSANE CLUTCH SPIDER KILL! | Let's Play Hollow Knight #3038:3330
2021-07-18Australia KeoguA Grimm nightmare! | Hollow Knight - Day 9 of First Play Through1:44:001
2021-07-17United States Fishermen Whispers[🎣 ASMR ↪ Hollow Knight, EP.2] - "🎮 Your energy. Is OP! 🌌 | For Sleep | Let's Play | Controller"16:0258
2021-07-15United States FlukeySageNAIL UPGRADE! MANTIS LORDS! SOUL MASTER! | Flukey Plays Hollow Knight!2:10:2288
2021-07-07United States Dr4gonBlitzMy Full Hollow Knight Playthrough pt.3 (Finding Double Jump)3:28:26219
2021-07-04 Killer Xpropart 1 du lets play hollow knight9:532
2021-07-04France Loup Blanc officiel & louve blancheHollow Knight Let's play #0235:0249
2021-07-04United States The3rdFistHollow Knight - Bug War - First Playthrough1:41:2721
2021-06-30Canada fireb0rnpls help i'm stuck on Washer Knights1:34143,477
2021-06-26United States PointCrowI broke Hollow Knight on my first playthrough43:26240,310
2021-06-26United States EG PlaysFinding my way around - Hollow Knight Let's Play #14:553
2021-06-25United States Nature WondersLive Wallpapers - Hollow Knight Voidheart Live Wallpaper for Mobile0:0917
2021-06-18United States CrankyTemplarHaiku the Robot - Kickstarter Beta Playthrough (Hollow Knight/Kunai-Themed Metroidvania)13:33945
2021-06-11 WaywardBrigandWayward Let's Play - Hollow Knight - Episode 56:531
2021-06-11Switzerland CorbelL'aventure: Hollow Knight #8 [Let's Play FR]59:3910
2021-06-10Ukraine DORGOVERGameplay Hollow Knight | Прохождение БЕЗ КОММЕНТАРИЕВ #638:2623

Latest Reviews For Hollow Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-13United Kingdom RayareReviewingA Lesson in Why Details Matter & Paying Attention (Hollow Knight Review)19:42229
2021-07-10United States Dr4gonBlitzWorld Record Speedrunner HONESTLY Reviews: Hollow Knight40:35766
2021-07-05United States The Campy CompanyLearning About Video Games Ep. 214: Hollow Knight (PS4)23:384
2021-06-27United States TheMonarchofDragonsRoyal Autopsy: Hollow Knight22:4772
2021-06-20Canada fireb0rnHollow Knight Charm Tier List & In-depth Reviews — ✅ God Gamer Certified1:22:04146,801
2021-06-13Canada ZOx0[Short Review] Hollow Knight, a lovely Metroidvania.0:5010
2021-06-11Austria StizzlHollow Knight: Silksong Reviews gonna be like:0:327,032
2021-05-24United States RelyeaHollow Knight The Sanctuary - Fan Made Expansion Review and Reaction7:1313,906
2021-04-28United Kingdom Photography GamerHollow Knight - Review4:18465
2021-04-20Brazil Finistra JogaAnálise de Trailer - Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights - (Pt-Br / Análize / Review / Reveal)3:3610
2021-04-20 DeepDockProletarianThe Ongoing "Crowsworn Incident" - DeepDockReviews4:1610,341
2021-04-03United Kingdom Bad GamersHollow Knight Review8:3113
2021-03-30Brazil Old PlayersNARITA BOY - Não deixe passar esse METROIDVANIA! (Análise / Review)13:10888
2021-03-29Denmark itsDair's Gaming StuffHollow Knight Review in 1 Breath 😵 #Shorts0:433,473
2021-03-21 SpecsN StatsHollow Knight Casual Playthrough + Review1:04:32:461,804
2021-03-13United Kingdom BobthepetferretSo I Finally Played...HOLLOW KNIGHT | Review8:591,233
2021-03-10Sweden Game Designer PlaysFog Canyon | The World Design of Hollow Knight3:3887
2021-02-09United States LTShowcaseLucious T - Ori and the Will of the Wisps12:0255
2021-02-03United States Will MeadowsHollow Knight | Will Review Quickly2:58139
2021-01-20Germany Geek-PoolENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights - Early Access | Review | Januar 20207:19101
2020-12-17Spain MeeboxPlayHOLLOW KNIGHT - Gameplay en Español - Análisis/Review1:09:10357
2020-12-08United Kingdom Monty ZanderHollow Knight Critique - More Than A Metroidvania1:47:0714,705
2020-11-26 Platinum ChasersHollow Knight (Part 3) LIVESTREAM3:04:161,271
2020-11-26Brazil Play The GameHollow Knight: Voidheart Edition [PT-BR] [Reviews Ocultos]7:08154
2020-11-26United States VaughnJogVlogPROBLEMATIC? My Best Friend's Wedding Movie Review / Rant3:27178