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United Kingdom

Gamesweasel is a British YouTube channel which has at least 44.1 thousand subscribers, publishing 600 videos which altogether total approximately 38.98 million views.

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2023-04-29Hear the Truth direct from the man himself.1:441,656
2022-11-16A Plague Tale: Requiem - GAMESWEASEL HAS MOVED1:35:20240A Plague Tale: Requiem
2022-11-11Modern Warfare 2 - GAMESWEASEL HAS MOVED1:57:10201Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-10Modern Warfare 2 - GAMESWEASEL HAS MOVED1:30:50160Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-08Modern Warfare 2 - GAMESWEASEL IS DEAD1:39:10267Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-06Modern Warfare 2 - GAMESWEASEL IS DEAD2:09:45329Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-06Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer Mashup1:18:13141Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-05Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer Mashup42:21151Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-05Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer Mashup51:4395Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-05Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer Mashup37:4398Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2022-11-01Deathloop - The Final Loop?1:49:48230Deathloop
2021-04-03Win FIFA 21 for Xbox, Series X and S0:24793FIFA 21
2021-03-13Win Cyberpunk on Xbox - Cyberpunk Giveaway! - Gamesweasel has a new independent channel!0:24550Cyberpunk 2077
2020-12-25Control | Danger in the Panopticon52:01700Control
2020-12-18Cyberpunk 2077 | Night City Guide1:23:21578Cyberpunk 2077
2020-12-13Forza Horizon 4 | Super7 Gameplay1:03:41358Forza Horizon 4
2020-08-27Apex Easter Egg - Unfound Easter Egg in Season 6 Boosted!0:59501Apex Legends
2020-08-26Apex Legends Rampart Takedown. Rampart cover teardown.0:30328Apex Legends
2019-08-28Man of Medan Gameplay1:06:38885Man of Medan
2019-01-29Resident Evil 2 Hunk Gameplay 4th Survivor10:17746Resident Evil 2
2019-01-27Hitman 2 - The Appraiser Elusive Target21:59342Hitman 2
2019-01-27Resident Evil 2 - Leon Kennedy Police Station42:59449Resident Evil 2
2018-11-26HItman 2 - Kill Sean Bean!1:20:11627Hitman 2
2018-06-01Detroit Become Human - The First Hour1:06:24677Doom
2017-12-30PUBG Tips - Dos and Don'ts to get to the END GAME in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!4:153,518PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds
2017-12-26End of Zoe - Resident Evil VII DLC review2:214,622ReviewResident Evil 7
2017-12-17Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero review2:174,315ReviewResident Evil 7
2017-10-19Shadow of War review3:463,767ReviewMiddle-earth: Shadow of War
2017-09-18Marvel vs Capcom Infinite review3:093,670ReviewMarvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
2017-08-24Far Cry 5 Gameplay Demo18:401,559Far Cry 5
2017-08-22Sea of Thieves Gameplay Demo Gamescom 20178:553,950Sea of Thieves
2017-08-15Agents of Mayhem review3:212,987ReviewAgents of Mayhem
2017-06-21Get Even review3:1932,808ReviewGet Even
2017-05-29Rime review2:251,392ReviewThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2017-05-21Injustice 2 review3:173,305ReviewInjustice 2
2017-05-14Prey review3:292,998ReviewPrey
2017-03-06Ghost Recon Wildlands review3:3653,268ReviewGhost Recon Wildlands
2017-01-23Resident Evil 7 review2:464,328ReviewResident Evil 7
2017-01-19Sniper Elite 4 Best Head Shot1:1215,026Sniper Elite 4
2017-01-02Best Games of 20172:452,465Mass Effect: Andromeda
2016-12-06Steep review3:219,079ReviewSteep
2016-11-13Dishonored 2 review3:053,359ReviewDishonored 2
2016-11-05Titanfall 2 review4:032,470ReviewTitanfall 2
2016-10-24Battlefield 1 review3:263,460ReviewBattlefield 1
2016-09-25Matt plays Titanfall 2 plus tips from Respawn at Eurogamer Expo37:45681Let's PlayTitanfall 2
2016-09-22FIFA 17 review2:297,971ReviewFIFA 17
2016-08-30Battlefield 1 Open Beta - Sinai Desert First Look Gameplay19:18768First ImpressionsBattlefield 1
2016-08-28Deus Ex Mankind Divided review3:143,254ReviewDeus Ex: Mankind Divided
2016-07-31We Happy Few - Have you taken your Joy?26:111,155We Happy Few
2016-07-10LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens review3:003,578ReviewLego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2016-07-02Resident Evil 5 HD review3:0129,819ReviewResident Evil 5
2016-06-04HITMAN - Marrakesh Gameplay - LIVE1:22:44589Hitman
2016-05-31Overwatch review3:403,238ReviewOverwatch
2016-05-15DOOM review3:3414,606ReviewDoom
2016-05-09Uncharted 4 review3:2510,650ReviewUncharted 4: A Thief's End
2016-05-07FIFA 16 TOTS BPL Team of the Season Pack Opening24:56329FIFA 16
2016-04-27Hitman: Episode 2 - Sapienza Gameplay. Cool Kills and New Opportunities1:02:416,275Hitman
2016-04-24Gears of War 4 Beta Gameplay - Deathmatch and Dodgeball44:43657Gears of War 4
2016-04-17Dark Souls 3 review2:493,261ReviewDark Souls III
2016-04-15Doom Beta - Multiplayer Team Deathmatch and Warpath Gameplay24:16614Doom
2016-04-15Doom Open Beta Gameplay - Team Deathmatch and Warpath Game Modes33:56746Doom
2016-04-03Quantum Break review3:496,997ReviewQuantum Break
2016-03-17DiRT Rally in Real Life2:464,861DiRT Rally
2016-03-13The Division review3:069,456ReviewThe Division
2016-03-10Hitman review4:0310,124ReviewHitman
2016-02-22Far Cry Primal review3:3711,968ReviewFar Cry Primal
2016-02-15Street Fighter V review2:515,248ReviewStreet Fighter V
2016-02-02History of Zombies - Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition2:4012,516Dying Light
2016-01-31The Division Beta Gameplay - Rescue Dr Kandel11:162,039The Division
2016-01-18Resident Evil Origins Collection review2:3328,706Review
2016-01-11Assassin's Creed Chronicles India review2:305,535ReviewAssassin's Creed Chronicles
2015-12-26Most Anticipated Games of 20164:223,719Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
2015-12-13Best Games of 20152:184,172
2015-12-06Rainbow Six Siege review2:504,124ReviewRainbow Six Siege
2015-11-23Star Wars Battlefront Heroes vs Villains Han Solo Perfect Round0:561,546Star Wars Battlefront
2015-11-18Rise of the Tomb Raider review3:416,033ReviewRise of the Tomb Raider
2015-11-09Fallout 4 review3:2022,063ReviewFallout 4
2015-10-24Assassins Creed Syndicate review3:159,331ReviewAssassin's Creed Syndicate
2015-10-18The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone review1:563,390ReviewThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2015-10-10Star Wars Battlefront Tips - 5 Things To Try!3:032,638Star Wars Battlefront
2015-10-06LEGO Dimensions review2:235,893ReviewLego Dimensions
2015-08-31Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain review3:1925,317ReviewMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
2015-08-31Broken Sword 5 review2:2339,176ReviewBroken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse
2015-08-24Gears of War Ultimate Edition review2:354,908ReviewGears of War
2015-07-27Arnie stars in WWE 2K16 (pre-order bonus)1:171,778WWE 2K16
2015-07-26Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max review1:583,796ReviewTrials Fusion
2015-07-09Spectra review1:491,560ReviewSpectra
2015-06-27Batman Arkham Knight review3:3210,007ReviewBatman: Arkham Knight
2015-06-26XCOM 2 Walkthrough - E3 Exclusive10:421,587WalkthroughXCOM 2
2015-06-25Batman Arkham Knight New Batsuit2:063,109Batman: Arkham Knight
2015-06-07The Evil Within The Executioner review1:573,832ReviewThe Evil Within
2015-05-22The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt review2:5310,115ReviewThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2015-05-09Wolfenstein The Old Blood review2:4112,529ReviewWolfenstein: The New Order
2015-05-04State of Decay Year One Survival Edition review2:143,922ReviewState of Decay
2015-04-19Mortal Kombat X review2:409,921ReviewMortal Kombat X
2015-04-15Mortal Kombat X Fatality Guide9:37413,348GuideMortal Kombat X
2015-03-31Slender The Arrival review2:135,935ReviewSlender: The Arrival
2015-03-17Battlefield Hardline review2:4311,248ReviewBattlefield: Hardline
2015-03-17Battlefield Hardline Live - Win 10 Grand!1:54519Battlefield: Hardline
2015-03-10Zombie Army Trilogy review3:03206,921ReviewZombie Army Trilogy