Matterfall - out of bounds in 3-2 Research Labs

Matterfall - out of bounds in 3-2 Research Labs

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Matterfall (2017)
Duration: 1:38
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There's a collision flaw that you can use to drop out of bounds in the first half of this level. Once you exit the S-shaped zero-G area, trying to go back usually gets you slightly inside the floor. From there, trying to move down or sideways in a certain way drops you down.

I'm not sure of the exact reason why this happens. Two most likely explanations are that 1, there is a gap in the floor. Or 2, the phase barrier pushes the main character inside the floor a bit.

0:23 - unfortunately you can't go flying anywhere you want despite being near the zero-G area because the zero-G effect only works in that specific area of the map.

0:43 - so what happens in Matterfall if you fall all the way to the bottom of the map? The fall takes a few minutes. After that, the main character seemingly disappears from the game. Buttons don't do anything after this point, and if you access the Augmentations-screen, it is now completely empty too. The character data just isn't there.

(Quitting the level returns everything back to normal.)